JET Fitness

Fall in love with fitness all over again

Join us for our very first Online Yoga retreat

Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th March 2021

Arogya Online Yoga Retreat

2-days of Yoga, Pilates, meditation and much more...!

Arogya is a Sanskrit word that means "overall well-being" and "health of mind, body and spirit." Generally speaking, it means living a healthy life without disease and having complete health in mind and body.


As promised the weekend will include a variety of Yoga styles, blended Pilates, Barre and much more!
Some recognisable class brands include:
Animal Flow, BodyBalance, Broga and Freestyle Fitness Yoga (FFY).


Meet the instructors via our Facebook page! Further details to be released regularly.

Online delivery

All classes/wokshops will be conducted via Zoom, accessible via the one link for the whole weekend.
£30 unlimited access, £20 per day or £5 per class.
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