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JET Fitness was born from a love of all things fitness and wanting to share that love of fitness with a wider audience online. After the year we've all just had; the ups and downs, motivation (or lack there of) and general need to just carry on with our own individual fitness journies.

Why JET?
- founder and lead instructor Jack Edward Napper actually has two middle names... Edward and Tony! And ever since he was a young boy his Nan would often call him Jet (Jack Edward Tony). Even leading him to name her first cat 'Jet' due to his jet-black fur.

- with a background in dance it wasn't long until Jack turned his love and passion of performing on the stage in to instructing in the studio! Since 2018 Jack has built up a strong following in clubs with his DanceFit programme and signature Barre class 'True Barre'. Alongside qualifiying in other programmes such as LesMills BodyBalance, Core and Tone. It was during the first lockdown of 2020 that Jack realised the fitness industry would be slightly different upon returning with certain restrictions in place for the group exercise environment - so he re-trained in Yoga with Broga (Fitness Yoga) and then was given the fantastic opportunity with David Lloyd Clubs to become a Master Trainer in their bespoke Yoga/Pilates Fusion programme.

- Professional Dance Diploma
- L3 PT (Active IQ)
- Broga (Fitness Yoga)
- Les Mills BodyBalance (advanced instructor)
- Les Mills Core (advanced instructor)
- Les Mills Tone
- Aqua Aerobics

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